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Just starting out or a seasoned pro, there’s a Team for you at GoDaddy.

At GoDaddy, we’re the risk takers, innovators, perfectionists, and inventors that work with a MASSIVE focus on joining forces. Whether you’re working at one of our Customer Care sites, tech hubs, from your home office, or one of our global sites, you are part of the GoDaddy team. At GoDaddy we have grit and an undaunted spirit. Sometimes that means we make mistakes, but we fail fast and learn so we can get stuff done. We are GoDaddy!

  • Customer Care

    GoDaddy, the world’s largest dedicated small business technology provider, has a long history of providing superior, round-the-clock customer support. Technology companies often force customers to choose between high-tech products or customer support – delivering one but not the other. At GoDaddy, we break that compromise and strive to deliver both innovative technology and phenomenal support for our customers. We provide customer-first service through personalized, 24/7 support channels. Our customers can call or chat with us any time, any day and speak with an enthusiastic, helpful GoDaddy employee! Our representatives are always ready to help; offering consultative solutions, technological support, and business advice.

    We now offer products and support in over 55 markets and 30 languages. Our care is segmented by regions (U.S. care for the U.S., India care for India, etc.), and is also segmented by our customers’ self-selected technical ability. Our round-the-clock personalized customer care is the “secret sauce” to GoDaddy’s success. Our customer care team handles an average of more than 50,000 customer interactions every day! Come join our team of approximately 4,700 representatives who make a difference for more than 17 million customers worldwide.

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  • Engineering

    What is it like to be a software engineer at GoDaddy?First you know that just being selected is a rigorous process: we care about clean code, great developer practices. We have engineers from other teams participate in a team’s interview to ensure that we’re hiring for GoDaddy first, then the particular team secondary. This is to keep your career development and growth at GoDaddy as open as you want it to be. Next, we put on a 3 day bootcamps for all engineers, so that you can ramp up more easily to our practices and be familiar with the code base. To add to that, we annually hold a week-long TechFest that brings all GoDaddy developers under one room to review our accomplishments, map out the road ahead and learn from each other and get better acquainted with our vendors.

    We are an agile organization in both practices and mindset. All of our customers’ products sit on a single platform. While we have various stacks of technology, we share the same CI/CD and TDD practices, for example. All dev teams have staff in at least two or more geo locations and to stay close, we leverage Slack and Zoom.

    We have a ton of work to do: products, platforms, security, infrastructure and much, much more. We have plenty of space for talented people to do your next greatest work in our culture and impact the way small business is done around the world.

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  • Corporate

    Be a force to be reckoned with…Every day our customers around the world wake up to a new set of possibilities. It’s extremely challenging for someone to launch a business on their own while securing sufficient resources and clients to make it through the week. Here at GoDaddy we build, improve, and support the software and tools that impact small and medium businesses all over the world.

    Whether it’s Accounting, IT, Marketing, Facilities, Legal, or Corporate Development – all are important in their own discipline. When the talents on these amazing teams are working in tandem, they truly are a force to be reckoned with!

    GoDaddy Engagement & InclusionAt GoDaddy, we strive for an inclusive culture that values every individual. With each of our individual strengths, we come together to form a collective powerhouse. We take it a step further and cultivate a culture where everyone feels they truly belong and can do the best work of their lives. Not every day is perfect, but you’ll always know you’re doing your part to help small business owners build their dreams. If you want to work for a company where you will be challenged to come up with innovative ways to work, join us at GoDaddy – where your work makes an impact on our customers every single day.

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University Students

Our new grads and interns make a difference starting on day one! You’ll be motivated each day by the millions of small business owners and individuals we empower worldwide. At GoDaddy, you can take part in creating the next-generation of technology that powers the world’s largest cloud platform dedicated to life-fulfilling independent ventures. If you have the ambition to do work that matters, we’ll give you a place to shine. You’ll be working in an environment that values creativity, collaboration, exploration, and rewards risk-takers; regardless of their background. At GoDaddy all employees have a voice, and you can be exactly who you want to be.

Intern Program

Our Intern Program was built on two key principals: do real work and be the authentic you. Over our 12-week Summer Intern Program you’ll contribute valuable work to the Company by working on projects that directly impact our 17 million customers, building a network of lasting relationships, and learning how you can be you – with us. You’ll see why 98% of our interns said they would recommend the program to a friend, and 95% of them converted to full-time roles last summer. Hear our stories – then start your journey.

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GD Grad Program

Adulting is hard – we get it. At GoDaddy, you’ll be welcomed by a network of previous new college grads dedicated to helping you be successful through onboarding, learning, and social engagement events. You’ll learn the ropes quickly, establish an inclusive and encouraging workplace environment your coworkers, and learn how you can make the most of your experience with us at GoDaddy.

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